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    Do you think that you have been wrongfully arrested or falsely imprisoned?

    In order to prove wrongful arrest the police must follow the following rules;

    • The arresting officer must inform you that they are the police.
    • It must be explained to you what crime you are being arrested for and that you are being arrested.
    • You must be made aware of need for arresting you.
    • It must be explained that you are being detained and must not leave.

    Only if you try and evade arrest or become violent the Police are allowed to use “reasonable force” during an arrest, constituting approved holds and procedures. The police are also allowed to handcuff you. The use of unaurthorised force or weapons could result in a considerable compensation claim especially if a long term injury has been sustained.

    If you have been detained by the police and your been physically injured or there has been injury to your reputation then our panel of solicitors maybe able to secure you compensation under a No Win No Fee agreement, so at no point would you have to put your hand in your pocket.